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There are only 2 types of people in the world. The ones who grab the chance of their life and change it forever, and the ones who sit around and criritze the life changers. We want the life changers!

Sales Person | $100'000+


What would you do with $100'000 a month?Buy a new car, buy a house, live a luxurious lifestyle, travel the world?Whatever your dream is, as a sales person we make it possible for you!
 For every order and location of a store, restaurant, bar, club etc. you get $100 in cash
Example:10 Stores, 20 Locations = 200 Stores200 Stores x $100 = $20'000 Per Month
Potential:34'700'000 (34,7 Million) Stores Worldwide$3'470'000'000 ($3,47 Billion) Per Month
You get the $100 for every order made of your contracted store, no matter how much they order (minimum 40 cases), meaning if they order every month you get your payout every month. Our job is making sure they re-order, once you get it into the store, your job is done and will continue to make money.

How it Works

Sign Up

First sign up as a sales person through the form on the bottom of this page so we can save all of your informations. Download the contract, store agreement and marketing files to get started.

Sign Deals

Secondly, go out and sign your deals! You will get a prepared store agreement which you can sign with each and every one of your clients (stores, restaurants, clubs, bars etc.) and when they order they just need to fill in your email address on the order form and you get your sallary paid from that order.

Get Paid

Last but not least, you get paid. As soon we received the order of the store you sold to, we will payout your sallary according to that order. We will payout your sallary every time an order is created with your email address on the order form.

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