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Are you stressed out? Want to forget about your work and just go on vacation? Then Refresh is for you! This energy drink will help you re-energize and feel a tremendous boost of energy and motivation. Just one bottle of this drink and you will immediately feel a refreshment like you're on vacation. Refresh will not only fill up your energy and motivation tanks, but also keeps your mind focused and clear. Forget being stressed out - simply enjoy the amazing taste of Refresh! Available in new stores every day!

Winner of $10'000 will be Announced in


Founder & CEO


Noah Ruehli

Refresh Energy was founded by former professional athlete and international entrepreneur Noah Ruehli. Starting his first business at the age of 12 Noah has always been a very success driven personality. After getting into the software development business and dietary supplements business, Noah has also successfully started businesses in the construction business, beverage business, renting business, trading business and real estate business. 

Work With Us

Sales Person | $100'000+


How it Works


Take Photos / Videos

Take photos and videos of our energy drink for social media. In the end the best content will win $10'000 in cash!


Post on Instagram

Post your videos / photos on Instagram and tag our account @refresh_energydrink and use the hashtag #refreshenergy


Best Content Wins!

On 12.12.2020 the team of Refresh Energy will announce the winner by who created the best content with our energy drink and will get $10'000 in cash!


Meet Refresh

A new energy drink made of unique ingredients. 


Refresh is an energy drink made of unique ingredients. They perfectly relieve drowsiness and are harmless to health at the same time. Refresh is our new product which has already gained the hearts of billions of people. Just one can - and you feel energized! You will definitely appreciate the delicate and refreshing taste of our new drink. Available in new stores every day!

  • Brings immediate energy and motivation

  • icon-sea

    Makes you feel like on vacation

  • Never get stressed out again

What's in a can

Energy & Motivation

Get re-energized in seconds! Refresh Energy brings immediate energy and motivation to your soul when you need it the most.


Vacation Feeling

You can have a vacation at any time in a single can of Refresh Energy. Feel the amazing refreshment and joy like you're on vacation.

Forget Stress

Being stressed out is one of the most common things in a daily basis in today's world. Stay focused and clear with Refresh Energy.


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